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Retractable spa tub


This tub consists of telescopic sides, set in a limited space under the floor and which are raised to create the tub itself when necessary.

The advantage of this system is that a tub can be fitted on board a boat without having to occupy the areas below deck, and it can retract in just a few minutes when the space is needed for other things. When using the tub, just start the automatic mechanism that will raise and fill it. At this point, the tub can be used for a lovely, relaxing spa massage.

After use, for the space to be prepared for another purpose, just activate the closure mechanism and in a few minutes, the tub will drain and close, leaving the space available for deck use. It is important to stress that, when the tub is closed, the space occupied under the deck will be the same as the thickness of the deck. Thanks to our exclusive technology, we can create retractable spa tubs that are completely customisable. Discover more swimming pools