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Retractable pool for counter-current swimming


This pool consists of several telescopic support plates that are housed in the thickness of the bridge which emerge whenever necessary in order to create volume of the pool.

The advantage of this system is the convenience and ability to install a swimming pool on a boat without taking up the space of the lower compartments of the bridge, making it disappear within just a few minutes when space is required for other needs. For example, in the case of boats equipped with a single deck, it will be possible to use the swimming pool during the day and use the same space in the evening for dining.

In fact, whenever you want to use your pool, all you have to do is start the automation: the pool opens and fills up in just minutes. Then, it can be used for a relaxing and pleasant whirlpool.

Thanks to an innovative design and through the inclusion of optional components, another available feature is the counter-current swimming which will give you a swimming experience that is unique and exclusive. Of course, our swimming pool can also be used as…a swimming pool!

Once you have finished enjoying it, in order to take advantage of the space in another way, it will be sufficient to simply activate the closing mechanism, and in just a few minutes the swimming pool empties and closes itself so that the space can be used as a yacht deck. It is important to keep in consideration that, with the pool in the closed position, the space that is occupied under the floor will be equivalent to the thickness of the bridge.

Thanks to our exclusive technology, we can create fully customizable telescopic retractable pools with whirlpool and counter-current swimming features. Discover more swimming pools