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Large pools with sealing floor cover


Our swimming pools will duplicate your amount of space, allocating the same area to different uses, because they are equipped with a movable floor that is leveled with the surrounding flooring when the swimming pool is not in use, rendering it completely unnoticeable. When the pool is closed, the space can be used as a yacht deck.

When you feel like taking a dip, just start the automated opening system: in just a few minutes the floor is immersed into the pool and a ladder is positioned for easy access. Once you have finished enjoying the pool, in order to use this space for any other manner, all you have to do is simply activate the closing mechanism and, within just a few minutes, the floor will emerge from the pool, sealing it off.

To limit the water leaks from lapping on board the vessel, this pool has side channels to recover it. When lapping increases, it is possible to raise a telescopic containment barrier on the outside. Our pools can be customised with other accessory functions, including, for example, landing pad for helicopter or storage for toys. Discover more swimming pools