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Counter-current pool


This pool has been designed to satisfy the specific needs dictated by the 1970 “Convention on the Accommodation of Crews”, which came into force in 1991, and which requires the installation of a pool for crew use on ships with a tonnage of more than 8000.

This pool is an endless pool, that is, a pool characterized by the ability to generate a flow of water that is capable of recreating the sensation of swimming in the lane of an Olympic swimming pool. In addition, the swimming pool can be used for hydrospinning, hydrorunning and any activity that requires to be immersed in water.
Once you have finished using it, to be able to use this space in another way, simply activate the closing mechanism and, in just a few minutes, the floor will emerge from the bottom of the pool, completely sealing it. Thanks to this configuration, the floor prevents water from leaking in the event of the boat's inclination/level change during navigation.

This system has been designed for installations in a sports setting, such as the gym of cruise ships, transport or military ships and, adapting to the finishes, it can also be inserted in a luxury setting. Discover more swimming pools